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Reopens January 14th @ 8 am (CST)

If you do not send in your $500 deposit, and just send in the form you will not be put on the list. We have to have the deposit to add you to the waitlist.

-Deposits to be on the waitlist are non-refundable. So please make 100% sure you want one of our little babies💙
-The $500 deposit gives you first dibs on our beautiful babies (the $500 comes off the purchase price of the calf you purchase).
-If you do not purchase a calf this year you will still be on the waitlist for the following year. You can never go down on the waitlist only up!
-Our calves will range from $3,000 to $20,000 depending on gender, parents heights, markings, build, and color.
-We will have Mini Highland Crosses, Mini Highlands, Mini Belted galloway Crosses, Mini Highparks, Mini Whitepark Crosses, & Mini Longhorn Crosses. Arrakis our Mini Highland bull is on most of our cows, so he will be the father of most of our calves this year.
-We post all of the info for our calves on our website and on our Facebook page. Waitlist customers have 2-3 days after we post all their information to message us if they are interested. After the 2-3 days the highest individual on the waitlist that is interested is sold the calf. 
-There is a 25% deposit to mark any calf as sold if taken as a bottle baby, and the remaining is due at pickup/drop off. 
-If customer is wanting the calf at weaning the calf must be paid for in full to be marked as sold.

General Price Range

Thanks for submitting!

Waitlist For Miniature Cattle: Job Application
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