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If you do not send in your $500 deposit, and just send in the form you will not be put on the list. We have to have the deposit to add you to the waitlist.

-Deposits to be on the waitlist are non-refundable. So please make 100% sure you want one of our little babies💙 
-The $500 deposit gives you first dibs on our beautiful calves (the $500 comes off the purchase price of the calf you purchase). 
-If you do not purchase a calf this year you will still be on the waitlist for the following year. You can never go down on the waitlist only up! 
-Our calves will range from $3,000 to $25,000 depending on gender, parents heights, markings, build, and color. 
-We will have the following breeds crosses available:

-Miniature Highland

-Miniature Longhorn

-Miniature Whitepark

-Miniature Belted Galloway

-Miniature Western Heritage
-We post all of the info for our calves on our website and on our Facebook page. Waitlist customers have 48 hours after we post all their information to message us if they are interested. After the 48 hours the highest individual on the waitlist that is interested is sold the calf.  
-There is a 25%-50% (depending on price) deposit to mark any calf as sold if taken as a bottle baby, and the remaining is due at pickup/drop off.  
-If customer is wanting the calf at weaning the calf must be paid for in full to be marked as sold.

Waitlist For Miniature Cattle: Job Application
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