Elkland, Missouri

Introduction to Miniature Cattle

Miniature Cattle are split into three different classifications. Midsize-Miniatures are between 48 inches, and 43 inches at the hip at 3 years of age. Standard Minis are between 42 inches, and 37 inches tall at the hip at 3 years of age. Micro Minis are 36 inches and under at the hip at 3 years of age.

MMCC is a small miniature cattle company that produces all kinds of cross bred miniature cattle.

Our herd currently includes:

  • Miniature Longhorns Crosses

  • Miniature Belted Galloway Crosses

  • Miniature Highland Crosses

  • Miniature White Park Crosses


Laramie is still available to add to your family❤️


Sugar is headed to Ohio❤️


Jack is headed to Ohio💙


If you have any questions do not hesitate to message us!

Springfield, Missouri

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