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Kune Kune Raffle: Image

Kune Kune Raffle


🐷Raffle List🐷

1. Shannen Helton

2. Shannen Helton

3. Ashlee Michels

4. Ashlee Michels

5. Clarissa Vincent

6. Clarissa Vincent

7. Heather Egolf

8. Heather Egolf

9. Patti Eaton

10. Patti Eaton

11. Amanda Dunlavy

12. Amanda Dunlavy

13. Amanda Dunlavy

14. Amanda Dunlavy

15. Amanda Dunlavy

16. Sheila Pevehouse

17. Sheila Pevehouse

18. Zana Downs

19. Zana Downs

20. Hayley Davis

21. Hayley Davis

22. Hayley Davis

23. Andrea StClair

24. Andrea StClair

25. Andrea StClair

26. Andrea StClair

27. Andrea StClair

28. Sarah Field

29. Sarah Field

30. Sarah Field

31. Mary Tanner

⭐️Male Kune Kune Raffle⭐️

🐷The cutest little 14 week old male KUNE KUNE piglet💙

(He is NOT a mini pig)

🐷Raffle will start right now, and end Thursday night. We will draw Friday, and I will post the winner on our page!❤️

🐷💲10 a ticket🐷

(No limit on tickets)


-You must provide proof of where they will be staying! (If you enter, and don’t have a place for him we will redraw)

-No refunds

🐷Transport Options🐷

-Pick up at the farm in Elkland, Missouri. 

-We charge $2 a loaded mile to deliver. 

-You have another transport company you would like to work with. 

-We will keep him for up to 2 months after you win, and if we happen to be headed your direction with another animal he can tag along. 

Payment Methods:

Venmo @ Lachelle-Feemster


🐷❤️Good Luck Everybody❤️🐷

Kune Kune Raffle: Our Farm
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